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EXO’s Sehun to star in an upcoming web drama!

After his big-screen debut in Pirates 2, EXO’s Sehun is back with another acting role!

The EXO member is confirmed to join TVing’s upcoming web drama, “Love, Do It” (working title). The series will feature life and love stories from 18-year olds. It will also include a unique storyline involving cell memory syndrome. Cell memory syndrome is a type of syndrome wherein the cell memory is hypnotized to another person. It usually occurs to organ transplant recipients.

Sehun will take on the role of Go Yoo, an 18-year old attractive sophomore student at Hara High School. Goo Yoo doesn’t really study but manages to receive pass marks. He loves to play basketball and he is often called a genius by his peers.

He shares a strong bond with his friend, Joon Hee, wherein he decides to donate his kidney to save his friend. Things will take an abrupt turn as the two besties will turn rivals due to cell memory syndrome after their transplant. Both will start to get Soyeon’s attention, Go Yoo’s, first love.

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This will be Sehun’s fourth web series project. Love, Do It is written by Kang Bo-Ra and directed by Director Kim Jin Sung. The filming will begin in April and is set to air this year.

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