Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in confirmed to star in an upcoming drama

It’s been confirmed that actress Han Ji-min and actor Jung Hae-in are working together for the very first time.

On January 29, MBC’s upcoming drama “Spring Night,” which is scheduled to air on May 2019, has decided to cast Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in, who are both talented and passionate when it comes to acting.

Director Ahn Pan-seok and writer Kim Eun, who previously worked together in JTBC’s Something In The Rain teamed up for the second time. Fans are really excited to see Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in’s on-screen chemistry.

Han Ji-min portrays the role of a librarian in her 30s. While Jung Hae-in plays a warm and strong pharmacist named Yoo Ji-ho.

Jung will be working with Director Ahn Pan-seok and Writer Kim Eun for the second time. They first worked together in Something In The Rain.

One of the Spring Night’s production crew said, “The tandem of Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in is meant to happen. This drama will show a melodramatic scenes that will touch viewers’ hearts. Please show alot of support on this upcoming drama.”

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The female lead role was previously offered to actress Son Ye-jin, who previously starred in Something In the Rain, but Son declined the offer.

Meanwhile, Spring Night is scheduled to air on May 2019.

Looking forward to this upcoming drama! ♥️

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