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hellolive presents: Cherry Blossoms After Winter TALK LIVE with Tae Seong and Hae Bom + get free tickets here!

Meet Tae Seong and Hae Bom of Cherry Blossoms After Winter in their event entitled "Cherry Blossoms After Winter TALK LIVE" on March 24.

If seeing Tae Seong and Hae Bom of Cherry Blossoms After Winter in live-action isn’t enough for you, here’s a great chance we can interact and talk to them live!

PHOTO: hellolive

A live picnic under the cherry blossoms awaits with Tae-Seong (played by Kang Hee) and Hae-Bom (played by Ok Jin Wook) of Cherry Blossoms after Winter, an ongoing hit BL web drama.

Presented by hellolive, we invite you to a global commentary with Tae Seong and Hae Bom entitled “Cherry Blossoms After Winter TALK LIVE” on March 24.

Further, tickets for the show are absolutely free! You may grab your live tickets here.

PHOTO: hellolive

You will be able to enjoy the behind-the-scenes story with the main actors, Ok Jin-Wook and Kang Hee.

Moreover, a 2:1 Video Call with Tae Seong and Hae Bom is ready. The video call event is up for grabs for everyone!

Just follow the instructions here or view the poster below to get one.

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PHOTO: hellolive

About the web drama

“Cherry Blossoms After Winter” is adapted from a webtoon with the same title created by Bamwoo.

It talks about Hae Bom moving with Tae Seong’s family after the death of both of his parents at the age of seven.

They grew up together under the care of Tae Seong’s mom.

The two end up in the same high school class and spend more time in school and at home. From being childhood friends, will they turn it into a teen romance?

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