YG Entertainment announces BIGBANG’s comeback, T.O.P’s agency departure

It’s bittersweet news for VIPs today.

Earlier this morning, YG Entertainment released an official statement about BIGBANG. 

The agency announces that BIGBANG’s T.O.P has left the agency after 16 years upon his contract expiration. However, the company cleared that T.O.P will still participate in any BIGBANG related activities whenever possible.

As per the agency, “We wanted to respect’s T.O.P thoughts that he wanted to expand his personal activities as a BIGBANG member and an entrepreneur.” 

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment also shares that BIGBANG is making preparations for its comeback. The group is done with the music recording and will now work on the music video.

BIGBANG will come back as a four-member group this spring. The spring comeback might be a reference to a lyric from their 2018 song, Flower Road; the lyric goes, “Please let’s meet again when the flowers bloom.” 

Truly, the group will meet their fans again when the flowers bloom.

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To T.O.P / Tabi, we wish you luck in your future endeavors and thank you for staying in BIGBANG!

Time to stream Flower Road again!

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