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#HAPPY_SILVERLIGHT_DAY: 5 times Eunkwang made life brighter

Written by: Agatha Fabricante of BTOBPH

On the same day 31 years ago, a ball of sunshine was born. Yes, that’s BTOB’s leader Seo Eunkwang – and yes again, that was 31 years ago!

As we celebrate his special day today, let’s take time to look back on how Eunkwang made everyone’s life brighter and happier than it ever was.

  1. When he was born

Of course, the day he was born, Nov. 22, 1990, is first on the list. A blessing was born on this day named Seo Eunkwang (서은광). After much hard work, he became BTOB’s leader and it’s where everything started.

Enhanced baby photo of Eunkwang (1993)
Photo from @LONGEVITY_321
  1. When he released his first solo album titled FoRest: Entrance

After successfully serving his country in Korea’s Special Forces, Eunkwang gifted Melody his first solo album titled FoRest: Entrance.

FoRest: Entrance album concept photo
Photo from @cube_official_btob

With the title track, “No One Knows”, Eunkwang didn’t fail in healing and melting everyone’s hearts during summer as the song expresses the feelings everyone feels from time to time: loneliness and hopelessness. It’s as if having someone understand what you’re going through and still love you wholeheartedly.

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You may watch the official M/V of No One Knows here:

  1. When he becomes the Instagram fairy!

If you’re a Melody, then you know. A week usually never goes by without Eunkwang posting random selcas to lift everyone’s spirits up! Follow him on his Instagram account @btob_silver_light and have the much-needed dose of happiness at least once a week (or more). 

One of Eunkwang’s IG posts
Photo from Instagram @btob_silver_light
  1. When we hear his angelic yet powerful voice

Ballad? Rap? Musical? Eunkwang got you! Eunkwang’s vocal abilities are truly amazing. As we all know, BTOB is known for ballads and the main vocalist of the group is the leader – Eunkwang himself.

Watch Eunkwang cover Tears by Chan Whee using the original note

Rap? MC Silverlight, let’s go! Our leader of ballad has a thing for rapping, too!

Watch Eunkwang and the other BTOB-BLUE members (ballad line) cover BeWhy’s Forever

Aside from being an idol, Eunkwang is also known in the musical realm. In fact, he just recently finished another successful musical – XCalibur with DK of Seventeen. Eunkwang has a list of his musicals that you can never deny how good he is. Aside from Xcalibur, he has also acted in these musicals: The Count of Monte Cristo, Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Hamlet, Goddess is Watching You, Three Musketeers, Barnum: The Great Snowman, and Something Rotten.

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Eunkwang as King Arthur in the musical Xcalibur (2021)
Photo from @emk_musical
  1. When Eunkwang becomes a meme machine!

Yep! You read it right, when not singing, our leader seems to be a meme machine. One of his iconic memes happened when he was doing an Instagram live and a fan expressed sadness. After asking why the fan is sad he said “give up” with the intent to say “cheer up!” Since then, it has been a secret code between Melody and BTOB when facing hardships/sad moments.

Watch the video here: 

“Everybody scream – no just clap” this is another legendary laughing moment that happened during KPOP in Sucheon. It was BTOB’s first offline performance in front of fans after the pandemic happened. Since the pandemic is still ongoing, fans are not allowed to scream during the idol’s performances. 

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It became so known that other artists say the funny and witty ment too. Watch it in this Twitter thread:

The list can go on but let’s stop here for now because there’s a special event we have to catch later. After reading this, let’s all celebrate his birthday HADABANG with him later at 8:30 p.m. KST. Who knows, maybe another meme will be born?


Aside from this, BTOBPH, the official fanclub of BTOB in the Philippines, will be holding a special Twitter Space on November 30 to celebrate Eunkwang and Minhyuk’s birthday (Nov 29). Stay tuned for more details at their official Twitter account (@btobph_).

Before the HADABANG starts, you still have time to shower Eunkwang with birthday greetings and love on his Twitter, Instagram accounts, and the official UCUBE app. See you later!

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