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Lee Bo Young sends food truck support to Lee Jong Suk’s “Big Mouth” filming set!

(Image Source: jongsuk0206)

Lee Bo Young sent food truck support to Lee Jong Suk on his filming set, aw! I Can Hear Your Voice drama feels!

On November 8, Ghrelin Truck shared through their Instagram account the food truck sent by actress Lee Bo Young to show her love and support to her former I Can Hear Your Voice leading man, Lee Jong Suk on his filming set of Big Mouth.

Horizontal signage reads as,

“I am rooting for actor Lee Jong Suk and the ‘Big Mouth'”

On the other hand, Lee Bo Young expressed her simple yet sweet encouraging words through the message written on vertical signage saying,

“Lee Jong Suk, Fighting!”

How sweet and thoughtful Lee Bo Young is!

It was in 2013 when Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young starred in the legal romance drama, I Can Hear Your Voice. They showed their great acting skills and their overflowing chemistry together in the said drama.

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Meanwhile, Big Mouth depicts a story of a third-rate lawyer who coincidentally took over a murder case and eventually ends up reaching a ten percent winning rate. It is set to premiere in 2022.

Let’s look forward to this big drama comeback of Lee Jong Suk!

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