Celebrate Hyun Bin’s 39th Birthday with Hyun Bin PH Fan Club!

Save the date this September 25!

As we enter the jolly ber month since its already the Christmas season here in the Philippines, it’s a different meaning for fans of Hyun Bin. The Crash Landing on You star is a September baby, so it is no doubt that fans will celebrate anyway they can!

To mark Hyun Bin’s 39th birthday on September 25, we’re pretty sure that his fans around the globe ware all planning to make his birthday memorable. From setting up billboard greetings, charity donations, and sending him gifts, we know that Hyun Bin will appreciate it!

As for his Filipino fans, the Hyun Bin Philippines Fan Club (HBPFC), were already planning to celebrate the actor’s birthday since July.

For two consecutive years, the fan club has always taken the spotlight on Birthday Projects by Filipino fans. They are also acknowledged by Fangirl celebs like Ms. Charo Santos-Concio and Megastar Sharon Cuneta. The fan club went an extra mile to gift the actor a locally made crafted “Hyun Bin Beer.” The gift was so unique and has caught the attention of local and international media outlets.

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The Hyun Bin Beer is exclusively available this September only. The ale classifications were named from some of the actor’s previous roles. The beers are intended to be distributed just in time before the actor’s virtual birthday party on September 25.

Three special projects for Hyun Bin’s 39th

To celebrate Hyun Bin’s 39th Birthday, his Filipino Binians prepared 3 things: Gift, Party, and Share the Joy. For their first project, the fan club will send a gift box containing 9 gifts addressed to the actors agency.

For their second project, they will livestream a birthday party this September 25 where everyone can watch it for free. The livestream features 39 VIP Ninangs to play games, blow cakes, and make wishes.

Their last project is Share the Joy, wherein they will provide charity support in their 9 selected beneficiaries.

Cherry Saculo, Director of HBPFC & CEO of Manila Preneur Corp stated, “I want this 2021 birthday celebration for Hyun Bin to be special, I like to attract more fangirls to join the HBPFC. I want them to experience a different fangirling event, they can tell the difference for sure. ”

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RSVP now!

Surely, it is a unique event when it comes to celebrating our faves’ birthday! The Hyun Bin Philippines Fan Club is inviting you to join them to celebrate the actor’s birthday!

Click here to sign up for the virtual event.

PR and Photos from Hyun Bin Philippines Fan Club and Manila Preneur Corporation.

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