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“Dream” starred by IU and Park Seo Joon to Postpone Overseas Filming; Schedule Conflicts

We might need to wait a little longer for Dream.

The Korean film, Dream is to postpone its overseas filming due to the unstable conditions brought by Covid-19. Another factor that brought about its postponement is the actors’ conflicting schedules.

The film has begun its production last May 2020 wherein both leads – Park Seo Joon and IU were attending the first script reading. 

According to Star News, the production team has already finished filming in Korea. However, some scenes need filming overseas as the film features World Cup. The current changes brought by the Covid-19 put the production team into challenges that lead to its overseas postponement until next year.

As for the actors’ schedules, Park Seo Joon is said to fly to the US for Captain Marvel 2. Meanwhile, IU recently concluded her shooting for the film Broker.

Dream film poster
Dream working poster | Retrieved from MyDramaList.

Dream is a comedy-drama film that features the story of a soccer player, Yoon Hong Dae, and TV producer, Lee Soo Min. It is directed by Lee Byeong Heon who is behind the hit film, Extreme Job.

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Check out this interesting clip featuring our lead actors during their script reading last year:

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