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“Jirisan” starring Ju Ji Hoon and Jun Ji Hyun wraps filming, to release exclusively on iQIYI

The action-adventure mystery-thriller drama, Jirisan has wrapped up its filming on June 21 after 10 months of making the story into action, starting from September last year.

Jirisan stars prominent actors namely Ju Ji Hoon, Jun Ji Hyun, Oh Jung Se, and Sung Dong Il where they will unveil the mysteries and unknown secrets that surround the said mountain.

It mainly tells the story of national park rangers who protect and save the people around Mt. Jirisan.

The said series is directed by Lee Eung Bok who also directed Mr. Sunshine and written by Kim Eun Hee who wrote Kingdom and Signal.

Jirisan is scheduled to air later this year and will be exclusively available on iQIYI through their app and website.

Moreover, iQIYI sent food truck support to Jirisan‘s filming location to celebrate the last day of filming and express their gratitude to the cast and crew.

Image source: iQIYI
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