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J-movie recommendation: “Closest Love to Heaven”

There are times in our life wherein, we want something light yet mesmerizing movie to watch. Something that would make our day even better.

If you are looking the same thing, I highly recommend this endearing Japanese movie titled Closest Love to Heaven, also known with its other titles; Today’s Kira and Kyou no Kira-kun.

Closest Love to Heaven starring Taishi Nakagawa and Marie Iitoyo tells a story of Ninon who got bullied and keep maintaining a safe distance from her surroundings.

As she learned about the secret of her classmate, Kira, she promised to stay with his side, and everything slowly begins to change. But how long can it last? How long can Ninon keep her promise to Kira?

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What I love about this movie

From being stucked watching and reading different fields of law stories, I need some fresh air in order to breathe and experience life other than that.

Closest Love to Heaven is definitely the fresh air I was looking for. As what the description says, it is a typical teenage love having their own twist of the story. The simplicity and its pure of sincerity makes me love this movie even more.

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It is a lightweight one that will certainly bring you calmness. I was crying and smiling the entire time because of their genuine love for each other.

Sometimes, we need this kind of movie that will make us fall in love over and over again. To keep us in mind that falling in love is such a wonderful feeling that cannot be taken for granted.

Aspects of Love

Love may be a simple word that contains 4 letters but behind these dandy letters, it has something more that only ourselves can explain, that only our heart can understand.

Closest Love to Heaven doesn’t only tackles about intimate relationship but also love in different aspect; family, friendship, and society.

I guarantee you that there’s so much to learn from this movie!

Amazing Set of Casts

Aside the story and cinematography, the casts also play an important role to make the movie more appealing.

Taishi Nakagawa who plays Yuiji Kira indeed portrayed his role amazingly! Note that his physical appeal brings more charisma. The way his stares and smiles directed to Ninon is so sexy!

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While, Marie Iitoyo is also perfectly fit in this movie playing the role of Ninon Okamura. She is so cute and a softie. And looking up to this team up, I must say that Taishi and Marie have build an undeniable chemistry.

Other than that, Shôno Hayama, Yuna Taira and the other casts are also superb portraying their roles perfectly.

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Closest Love to Heaven is a must watch Japanese movie. You should watch it and share your feels, mga bes!

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