MONSTA X Jooheon to be featured in remake of NS Yoon-G’s hit track ‘If You Love Me’

The remake of NS Yoon-G’s hit track ‘If you love me’ will feature Monsta X Jooheon. Jay Park wa the original rapper for the 2012 hit with Dublekick as producer. 9 years later, NS Yoon-G will release a remake featuring Lee Jooheon (Joohoney) of Monsta X, the song will drop on May 22.

NS Yoon-G or Kim Yoonji is Korean-American singer and actress that debuted back in 2009. She was signed under JTM Entertainment and is now with VAST Entertainment. She was part of The Last Empress where she played the part of Hyunjoo.

The news comes after Monsta X’s announcement of their upcoming comeback with One of A Kind. The highly anticipated comeback for the group will be on June.

Check out the teaser for the song remake that will be released on May 22.

Let’s show our support to NS Yoon-G and Jooheon!

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