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3 Main Reasons Why Listening to SB19’s MAPA Will Really Touch your Heart

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I am crying. you are crying. we are crying.

Multi-talented P-pop group finally released their new song MAPA on May 16.

It is more than just a song, its another masterpiece that will really touch your heart, will make you feel emotional and will make you have some realizations in life while listening to it.

Here are the 3 main reasons why:

1. MAPA is a heartwarming song

The song is really great; lyrically and vocally. Everything about the song will really touch your heart. It is like a sweet love letter accompanied by the sweet melody and harmony.

Actually, i don’t want to cry but i cried! I felt so emotional when i heard the word “Mama” in the first verse of the song. The reason why i am so emotional while playing this song is because she is no longer here with us anymore and that wound in my heart is still hurting me until now.

It is relatable since that is what i am feeling right now, I am missing my mom so much.

“Mama, kumusta na di na tayo laging nagkikita miss na kita sobra”



“Mom, how are you? We don’t always see each other anymore. I miss you so much.”


On the other hand, this made me feel so emotional as well because i reminisced all those sacrifices and hardworks made by my father to provide the needs of our family.

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This song is really comforting and made me recollect all the good memories with my mom together with the whole family.

2. MAPA is a tribute song for our parents

Listening to their another masterpiece will automatically make you go back to the times where how our mother and father really worked hard to give all the things we have right now. How our mother prepared for our breakfast going to school, how our father made sacrifices going to work early just to support the needs of the family and how they molded us to become a good person.

This is like a short novel about how great our mother and father are. The song is the way of telling to our parents that we will give back all the hardworks, all the sacrifices, all the tears and sweat they have exerted to become who we are right now.

It is true indeed that they’ve done too much for us. They are our eyes everytime the world is changing and our feet whenever we’re already crawling. So they deserve to rest and we, as their children should take care all the worries and burdens they are carrying.

“Kaya ‘wag mag-alala

Ipikit ang ‘yong mata, tahan na

Pahinga muna, ako na’ng bahala

Labis pa sa labis ang ‘yong nagawa

Papa, pahinga muna

Ako na”



” So Don’t worry,

Close your eyes, stop crying,

Rest for now, i’ll take care of it.

You’ve done too much

Dad, rest first.

Let me do it.”


3. MAPA is a meaningful song

It really amaze me on how they came up with this concept, the duality of the word MAPA.

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a. MAPA, short for Mama and Papa

  • The reason why we exist in this world. They are the most precious gifts from God. They may not be the perfect one but their love for their children is really unconditional.

b. MAPA, a guide to ones destination

  • Our parents is like a Map, they guide and direct us in the journey that we are taking. They make sure that we are in the right path of life to protect us from getting hurt and being lost.
  • This also signifies that we are who we are right now because we have them as our parents.

“Di ko na sasayangun pa’ng mga

Natitirang paghinga

Tutungo na kung sa’n naro’n ang mahalaga

Kahit na kailan pa ma’y ‘di mawawala

Pagka’t dala ko ang mapa

Sa’n man magpunta alam kung sa’m nagmula”



“I won’waste

Any more breaths

I will go now to where the important things are.

I will not be lost anytime

For i brought the map

Wherever i go, I know where i came from.”

– SB19, MAPA

Let us express how grateful and how we love our parents while they are still here with us because life is short, we never know what will happen ahead us.

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What can you say about their new song bes? Share your thoughts and what you felt after listening to their new song in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, listen to their song, MAPA in YouTube and to other music streaming platforms.

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