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AO EXCLUSIVE: SB19 x Chynna Mamawal Premium Collection is full of elegant items to watch for!

The long wait is finally over and we can say that it is totally worth it!

In an exclusive virtual press launch of #SB19xChynnaMamawal Premium Collection on the afternoon of April 21, SB19 and Chynna Mamawal finally showcased their elegant items.

They also discussed the meaning of the colors and merchandise, what these are for, and answered some questions from the media team.

It was the chief executive director of ShowBT Philippines, Charles Kim, who started the press launch showing gratitude for the collaboration and said that through this project, they want to help the health workers by allotting a percentage from the sales for personal protective equipment.

As SB19 introduced themselves, Pablo shared a quick background about their recently released single titled What? saying that the said song is dedicated to uplift others.

On the other hand, the young and highly praised designer Mamawal unveiled that there are two looks for each member in this collection with Set A that is directly in touch with What? while Set B is very personally dedicated to the members.

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Pablo got blue and violet signifying his leader qualities; Justin had white and yellow saying these are “preppy and clean look”; Ken with black and red sharing that a hoodie is his favorite outfit showing versatility; Stell got yellow and navy blue sharing that he wants simple and basic look; Josh had white and red wanting these to be striking.

During the press conference, The Annyeong Oppa was able to send its question to the award-winning group SB19, “With all these exclusive merchandises, ano iyong long-term impression o tatak na gusto niyong iwan sa A’TIN?”

To answer the question, Pablo took the floor, “Just like what the song [What?] is all about, don’t be afraid of your color… Be proud of yourself. Be confident with yourself… Mas maayos kalalabasan kasi confident ka sa ginagawa mo.”

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During the question and answer potion, Mamawal kept on praising the members sharing that they are really great to collaborate with because they are truly inspiring to be with.

The host, Martin Javier, also said good words towards the members saying that they are really great in answering the on the spot questions from the press.

In fact, throughout the event, SB19 members did not simply answer the questions as they were able to share funny jokes and other encouraging messages that lighted up the mood.

To wrap the event, SB19 showed their gratitude starting with Stell thanking all those who were present from the event adding his thanks to A’TIN for always being there to support them.

See the complete list of the merchandise below.

The limited-edition pieces from the collection was initially scheduled to be out for pre-order on April 12 at exactly 12 a.m. via Wear Casa, but later moved to April 24 at 10 p.m.

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It comes with post cards with signatures of the members and Mamawal, letters, and other exclusive merchandise.

The prices range from Php 1,999.75 to Php 7,999.75 and there is no cash on delivery mode of payment yet.

Disclaimer: All photos and video courtesy to Wear Casa, Chynna Mamawal, and MSocial.

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