SB19’s “What?” wins “Best Music of March” on Idolpick

Another breakthrough for SB19 and A’TIN!

Star voting web service Idolpick revealed on April 19 that SB19’s What? won as the “Best Music of March” with 7,169 points.

As a result, SB19’s video will be screened on the Idolpick’s LED billboard located in Myeongdong from April 22 to April 28 (date subject to change depending on the schedule).

See official post below.

The group’s inspirational song titled What? was released last March 9 and the music video already garnered 8,255,708 views and 555,000 likes, as of writing.

Congratulations SB19 and A’TIN!

Let us continue to raise our own flag, loud and proud.

Below are the official music video and performance video of What? to stream.


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