Jung Il Woo sends coffee truck support to Kim Bum in the filming set of “Law School”

Actor Jung Il Woo showed his support for his friend Kim Bum by sending coffee truck in the filming set of Law School.

Kim Bum posted a cheerful photos of him holding a cup of coffee on November 21, through his official Instagram account.

The actor stated that he is so thankful to his number one friend and “Hyung” (older brother or male friend), and that Jung Il Woo is the best.

The coffee truck banner says,

“Bum is coming. Bum is coming. Top student Joon Hwi (Kim Bum’s character name in Law School) is coming.”

Kim Bum and Jung Il Woo starred together in 2006 Situational Comedy series Unstoppable High Kick where Kim Bum portrayed the role of Kim Bum, best friend of Lee Min Ho (Kim Hye Seong) whose Lee Yoon Ho’s older brother that was portrayed by Jung Il Woo.

Kim Bum is currently starring in the fantasy tvN drama series Tale of the Nine Tailed alongside Lee Dong Wook and Jo Bo Ah.

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His next drama Law School, is all about the students and professors of South Korea’s top law school who get caught up in an unusual case.

He will be working with Kim Myung Min, Roo Hye Young and Lee Jung Eun which is set to premiere on the first half of 2021.

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