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SHINee’s Choi Min Ho Confirms Cameo Appearance in Lovestruck in the City

Fresh from his discharge in the military last November 15, Choi Min Ho has confirmed his first acting appearance in Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won‘s upcoming drama, Lovestruck in the City.

Credits: SM Entertainment

He is said to play the role of Oh Dong Sik, a kind and understanding third-year police officer in-charge of Cheonggyecheon area. He will cross-paths with Park Jae Won ( played by Ji Chang Wook) as they set out in looking after the “camera thief”.

Having two good-looking actors in one screen is enough reason for this cameo to create a buzz after the news was released. This is the comeback everyone’s (for Shawols even more!) excited about.

Only a few more weeks left!

Lovestruck in the City will premiere on December 22, 5PM KST and will streamed via Kakao TV and Netflix.

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