Here is why “Romance is a Bonus Book” is your ultimate bonus K-drama

Written by Rocel Angela D. Reynon

Photo from tvN

Romance is a Bonus Book is definitely not the usual heavy Korean drama that tackles politics, injustice or revenge. If you have been someone currently rolling over the heavy emotions evoked by K-dramas, it will surely give you a good break from all those heart-pounding emotions. Plus, there are so many life lessons you can learn from the characters in this story.

Cliche as it certainly sounds, do not judge the book by its cover is one of the story’s main theme. This piece is set in the beautiful world of books which introduces us to different characters from the owner of the publishing company, editor, designer, and writers who share different struggles, ideals, and interesting stories in life.

Kang Dani, played Lee Nayoung, the main character, was a successful copywriter for a prestigious ad agency until she left her job to become a full-time housewife. Unemployed and desperate to look for a job that will support her daughter single-handedly after her divorce, she pretends to be a high school graduate and humbly takes the task-support position in a company where his best friend and gifted novelist Cha Eunho, played by Lee Jongsuk, works as a chief-editor.

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While it is her job to liaison for the publishing company, mainly preparing coffee for the employees and delivering stuffs from here and there, she catches herself still passionate with books and advertising. Her desire to do what she truly loves ignites every single day.

She proactively contributes her ideas to the marketing team until she is able to work on a marketing project for a start-up book and finally, lands a marketing position. As she slowly reaching her career goals, she also finally develops romantic feelings with Cha Eunho, his childhood best friend who has been secretly and unconditionally in love with her since the beginning.

The genuine love story of Kang Dani and Cha Eunbo will surely make you heart flutter. The unexpected twist is also something to look forward to.

If you’re fond of reading and writing…

You would also be ecstatically happy to see how the meticulous yet beautiful process of getting a book written, edited, published and sold is featured in this K-drama. In today’s world when most young people prefer to read digitally, this story reminds us of how precious printed books are; and how most of the people in the field of education, literature and arts are coping with this change.

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Some of the other themes highlighted in this story are the challenges of married life, plight of the poets and bittersweet realities of adulthood. I also like how women’s strength and resilience are portrayed in this K-drama.

After watching, it will satisfy your cravings for all things pretty. It features Instagram-worthy sceneries, libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, and restaurants. The dreamy and artsy vibes of this K-drama is something old souls will surely love.

In this one great book we call life and with so many things happening in the world today, friendship, romance and, love remains to be such powerful forces that add more color and excitement in our lives.
If you believe this, indeed, Romance is the Bonus Book is the bonus K-drama for you!

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