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VICTON successfully completed their “Mayday Ontact” Concert

The group VICTON, which is drawing attention with their “sharp growth,” has successfully completed Mayday Ontact, yesterday on VLive.

Shortly after their successful second single Mayday promotions, which was recently completed thanks to the enthusiastic support of fans, VICTON quickly held an online concert and actively communicated with them on their way to “the first row of home rooms.”

The performance, which was composed of a total of 16 songs, was broadcast live around the world through Naver VLive, and the number of hearts surpassed 100 million, realizing global fans’ keen interest in VICTON.

VICTON marked the spectacular start of the performance with #Nervous and Beautiful.

The members who welcomed the fans raised expectations for the performance, saying, “Many people are having a hard time, but I hope you can forget about all the time you spend with us and enjoy it.”

VICTON heated up the atmosphere by continuing the medley of great songs, including Nostalgia and Continuous from its fifth mini album Nostalgia and its sixth album including Nostalgia, New World, Mayday, and other active songs.

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The “Special Stage,” which had been anticipated even before the event, made the day’s performance even more special.

The members added fresh charm to the special unit stage, which they had never seen before, including Chan, Byungchan’s Cho Jungseok’s AROHA, Seungsik’s mellow! Fairy Tale, Sejun’s Hop-hop, Seungwoo, Hanse and Subin’s self-composed songs.

On the same day, VICTON showed a high-quality performance with its peak performance, drawing attention with its solid growth as a “big boy group.”

VICTON, who led the performance in a cheerful mood, deeply communicated with fans by expressing his sincere thoughts, and was also touched by the wave of cheering sticks in the background of the performance.

VICTON successfully wrapped up its 120-minute performance with the encore song FLOWER.

The members said, “I’m very sad that I couldn’t actually be at the concert hall. I hope things will get better soon and the day will come when we can meet Alice.”

“We will be VICTON who thinks and tries hard to fill your waiting,” “I hope today’s performance remains a good memory, and I hope you always take care of your health.”, the members added.

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VICTON, which is drawing attention for its rapid growth, once again proved its strong potential by successfully performing on Mayday Ontact.

K-pop fans are paying keen attention to how VICTON, who has been outstanding in various fields including music activities, entertainment, acting, and advertising, will perform more this year.

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