Lee Sung Kyung launches official Youtube channel

South Korean actress Lee Sung Kyung opened her official youtube channel dropping a surprise video!

On June 24, Lee Sung Kyung amazed her fans by showcasing her dancing prowess with a dance cover of Wayo – from her fellow YG labelmate Treasure’s Bang Yedam.

The well-loved actress, aside from her superb acting skills is also known as a great singer and dancer.

As of this writing, heybiblee channel gained an impressive 34,000 subscribers in just a short span of hours, while her dance cover gathered 188,000 viewers immediately.

The actress expressed her excitement in an Instagram post saying, “I had fun working with good friends. My first happy performance.”

On her channel, she thanked her friends Lip J and Anthony King for helping her with the choreography. 

Her versatility is admired by many, hence, the constant outpour of love and support on all her projects.

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Lee Sung Kyung previously starred in the hit-medical drama Dr. Romantic 2 where she played as Cha Eun Jae.

Moreover, we are looking forward to more enjoyable content from our gorgeous, multi-talented, and bubbly unnie!

Have you subscribed to her channel already?

Watch Lee Sung Kyung’s dance cover below!

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