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Lee Sung Kyung’s mobile filmed short movie titled “Heart Attack” to be released next month

Lee Sung Kyung’s time-slip fantasy romance short film titled Heart Attack will officially be released this October 5, as announced on September 16.

It will tell the story of a woman, played by Lee Sung Kyung, who will spend her 100 hours trying to save her loved one by making his heart beat again through love.

According to the report of Newsen, the entire movie will only run for about 12 minutes and everything about it was only taken with a mobile device called Galaxy S20 ultra.

The film was led by Lee Chung Hyun, who is known with his directed movies, such as Call and Bargain.

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Kyung was popular for her incredible acting skill that was proven in different Korean dramas, like Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo, Cheese in the Trap, About Time, Romantic Dr. Teacher Kim 2, and more.

Heart Attack will finally be available next month online via WATCHA.

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