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BTS ‘FESTA’ 2020 teaser and timeline unveiled

With the transition of the world to the “new normal,” there are a lot of changes that we have experienced since February of this year and we will be experiencing in the months to come.

Some changes for fangirls alike are the conduct of online concerts, online fan meets as well as an increase in online releases from artists that we all love.


With the upcoming 7th anniversary of the seven-piece boyband, BTS, fans are in for an exciting June as the band releases the first teaser. Captioned “The New Journey to #2020BTSFESTA” alongside a fourteen-second clip that features the band’s song ‘Young Forever’ as the background music. Also shown is a familiar door for ARMYs that was used in the last Muster, the door to the ‘Magic Shop.’

This is a very, very familiar door… will we be entering ‘Magic Shop’ again?

Next up would be the FESTA timeline that sets June 1 for the Opening Ceremony. The release of the family portrait would be next. Following that is a series of events with the highlight of “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” on the 12th. Last would Bangtan’s Saengpa or Birthday Party that will fall on the band’s debut anniversary. Will they go live and grace fans with a mini celebration, Bangtan Style? I can’t wait!

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Will it be a new track for the Opening Ceremony? A subunit track like ‘I know’? A diss track from the rap line like ‘Ddaeng’? We will never know unless June 1 comes! Meanwhile, you can listen to past tracks released from FESTA on their Soundcloud.

Surely, this timeline comes with a promise of the release of fresh and new content from the boyband. As the sixth month of the year starts, fans will also start receiving endless notifications as the band marks the launch of their seventh-year celebration.

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