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“Return: The Promise of the Day” has been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic

Insight Entertainment announced on May 30 that the most awaited army musical will be temporarily postponed until June 16 due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns.

It was originally said to premiere on June 4 runs until July 12 and will be held at the Olympic Park’s Woori Art Hall in Seoul in celebration of their 70th Anniversary of the Korean war.

The production company said, “The government made an announcement on the re-proliferation of corona virus. Hence, we decided to postponed the musical performance to follow the government safety guidelines”

Moreover, the production company also said that they will do their very best to not have any inconvenience in the refund process.

‘Return’ is an army musical about excavating the remains of soldiers who fought and sacrificed themselves to protect their beloved country during the Korean War.

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‘Return: The Promise of the Day’ has a prominent casts such as D.O., Xiumin, Kim Se Jung, Yoon Ji Sung, F.T. Island’s Hongki, INFINITE’s Sungyeol, Kim Min Suk, Lee Jung Yul, Lee Jae Kyoon, and Lee Ji Hye.

Watch the previous performance here:

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