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6 Reasons Why “The Classic” Live Up To Its Title

Before we met her as Yoon Seri she was Joo Hee first and Ji Hye second.
Just like the title of the movie, this movie is really a classic.

Love and second chances..

The story revolves around Ji Hye (Son Ye Jin), and her mother’s box that’s full of love letters and a diary. As Ji Hye read through the diary she learned about her mother, her first love and Ji Hye‘s father. The movie takes turn in telling Ji Hye’s love story and her mother’s. How different and hard it was during her mother’s time and how Ji Hye was given a chance to create her own love story.

Superb Casts..

If you have been a Kdrama fan for a long time you will be able to recognize most of the main leads.

Son Ye Jin – Before she became a strong business woman in Crash Landing On You she was a daughter of a Congressman named Joo Hee. She felt what it was like to be caged and unable to make decisions for herself. She was also Ji Hye, a daughter who found the courage to love someone. You’ll be amazed at her timeless beauty that haven’t changed until now.

Jo In Sung – He’s so young in this drama. He may be famous novelist in It’s Okay, That’s Love, but in this movie he is into theater both directing and acting. His smile is enough to put you under his spell. He plays the role of Sang Min. The boy that every girl wants.

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Cho Seung Woo – This is the first time I have watched him. All I can say is that he was so good in acting until Joo Hee found out. He played the role of a simple boy named Joon Ho. He is every girls dream guy. In a world where everything is digital and connecting with other people is easier, he will make you wish that you can receive a love letter.

Lee Ki Woo – My heart aches for him. A selfless friend named Tae Soo. He knew what real love means once he saw it. He even values his friendship with Joon Ho that he even supported him when he found out the truth. He deserves more but was not given a chance to receive it.

The Secret of the Yellow Umbrella..

It is a common knowledge between Kdrama fans how important umbrellas are in the development of love between the main characters. Specifically, a yellow umbrella. This is just an opinion of mine. But the characters hated the umbrellas in this story. Why use an umbrella when you can be closer when you share a jacket as a shield from rain? Or better yet just ran under a pouring rain while holding a closed umbrella. 😜 Ji Hye left her yellow umbrella so that someone can use them to keep them from getting wet. And it’s a wishful thinking of mine that since the store keeper has her own umbrella she gave it to someone who started the yellow umbrella scenes.✌️✌️

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Me To you, You To Me..

A very famous song that I had heard several times. Just like the movie, this song is also a classic. It is the kind of song that you would want to hear on a rainy day with a mug of hot coffee or hot choco as you watch the rain. It will make you remember of the good ol’ days. Happy memories that will make you smile.

I guess that’s also one of the reason why I hear it on the last Episode of the Korean Drama Hospital Playlist. It reminded them and us about their good ol’ days. If you haven’t watched it as well, now’s the time to watch it.

Memories and Destiny

There are some historical moments that were showed here. I am not fully aware which specific event it was in reality but it would definitely ring a bell. There was a war scene and a rally scene. The rally reminded me of Taxi Driver movie. While the war scene reminded me of Crash Landing On You. I am jut not sure what kind of war it was exactly in the movie, but korean soldiers would always remind me of Captain Ri since it’s in Korea. But if it went overseas, Descendants of the Sun will always do that for me, just add a beautiful doctor.😉

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Despite these events, just like destiny Joo Hee, Joon Ho and Tae Soo met once again. It was supposed to be a new beginning, but beginnings meant that something has ended first.

Belts are meant for the waist, nothing else..

Parents from the top part of the society usually arranges marriage for their children. The marriage is more business than a union between two people who are in love.

The belt showed so many things that it can do in this drama. But I stand for its one and only purpose and that is for your jeans, skirts, or shorts to stay on your waist.

****If you are looking for a Romeo and Juliet story with second chances, this one is for you. I tried my best to not give out a lot of spoliers. Because I believe that you deserve to have first hand experience of what the movie wants you to feel.

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