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A Guide In Buying Your K-Merch Online + Get To Win K-Pop Merch!

Ah, Korean merchandises. Be it light sticks, albums, clothes, or anything that can be produced, we try our best to buy anything the catches our eyes. When we talk about merchandise, it somehow gives us a connection with our favorites and idols. However, when ordering your most awaited merchandise, it can somehow risk your safety and money when dealing with numerous online retailers.

Here’s a helpful tip on how you can buy a legitimate Korean merchandises online!

1. Check the store’s page or site for necessary documentations.

Opening an online store is as easy as creating a Social Media profile these days. Make sure that the store your check out are registered in BIR & DTI for legitimacy records. Having a verified badge or a good number of followers can be a plus!

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2. Look for their most recent customer transactions or feedbacks.

If online stores wants to attract a lot of customers, they will surely emphasize how trustworthy and reliable their services is. Don’t hesitate to ask for “proofs of transactions” or look for their previous buyers feedback. If you encountered a questionable feedback, try to reach out to that customer to know what happened. It’ll be better to be on your investigator mode on before shelling your money out.

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3. Think twice if the items are priced cheap.

Yes, you might encounter a merchandise priced cheaper than the other stores, but sometimes, it is too good to be true. You may visit international online sites or the official online site of the merchandise your interested with to have a price estimate on how much it should cost and have a rough estimate with the shipping fee. If you’ve encountered an item priced way below the official price tag, it might be a counterfeit! Unless the store is holding up a clearance sale or it is a second hand good.

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4. Ask for a “selfie” check and look for their valid IDs.

If you are still doubting despite the good reviews, you may ask the seller to send the proof of their identity if it matches the name the money you’ll be sending to. You can also ask the seller to do a quick video call to be at ease. If they refuse for an iffy reason, it’ll be better to find an alternative.

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5. Go for the Bank Transfer payments or reliable money-transfer services.

To avoid being scammed online, always settle for the payment you are comfortable with. Go with Bank Transfers as identities can easily traced if you’re tricked. Money transfers can be acceptable if the seller’s name is the one accepting your payment as well. If they are eager to make you pay for whatever reasons using an untrustworthy money-transfer store or app, beware as they might be scammers.

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6. Once you’ve placed your order(s), do your part as a customer.

If you are 100% sure of your chosen store, don’t forget to take note of the deadlines! Be it the order or payment deadline. Don’t do a last minute cancellation as it may affect the store’s sales and your reputation as a customer. Pay your dues and wait for your item(s) to arrive!

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Thinking now which online shops you should consider to buy your merchandise?

Here’s LEMON SKY PH on Instagram catering different kinds of merchandises of various K-drama and K-pop groups!

They cater official soundtracks of K-dramas, albums, light sticks, and more that you can definitely choose from. One of their latest this May are Super Junior K.R.Y’s When We Were Us, Hospital Playlist physical album (Khino album), JYP Nation tumbler and cup from Seoul Cup, ALLURE Korea Magazine (June 2020 issue) with BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and so on.

LEMON SKY PH also has FAQ highlight on their Instagram account that would probably answer all your questions! It features mode of payment, ETA, courier used, how to order, and more. You can contact them in Instagram, Twitter, and on their website.

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And yes! Annyeong Oppa teamed up with LEMON SKY PH to do a K-POP Merch Giveaway! Head on to our Instagram to know more about the mechanics!

Written by Annyeong Oppa Hazel & Chriselle

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