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5 reasons to watch “My Little Baby, Jaya”

You probably looking for a movies that are timely and relevant in this generation.

Well, this recommendation is absolutely suitable to your movie merit and majority of people might relate to it.

‘My Little Baby, Jaya’ is a story about Won-Sool (Kim Jeong-Kyoon) who suffered cerebral palsy and has a daughter named Jaya (Oh Ye-Sul) that he love and adore the most.

Here are the reasons why you must watch this sensational crime-family drama movie:

1. Not a typical School Youth film

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If you’re looking for a cute or romance school youth film, this movie is not for you because it tackled sexual and social bullying.

A story about a young woman who just wants to fulfill her dream to study in a prestigous school that would help to showcase her singing ability.

However, there’s a certain group of girls who felt annoyed and envious because they figure out that  she seems trying to brag her talent which has caused her to suffer from bullying and eventually harassment.

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2. Strong Father & Daughter Relationship

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The story showed up the unconditional and wholehearted love between the father and daughter.

Also it shows what are parents fiercely can do just to protect their child from the agony and awful experiences.

Be ready because it will surely break your heart into pieces, after watching this film you would realize how great you are to have a stabled social life and a loveable parents.

3. Superb Lead Actors

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The actors really portrayed their role very well, from the roller-coster emotion and heartbreaking scene into righteous revenge they did.

Most especially to Oh Ye-Sul who justifies the role of Jaya which made her nominated as Best New Actress at the 54th Grand Bell Awards.

Also to  Kim Jeong-Kyoon as Won-Sool who has most difficult role in this film since it’s too hard to act that you have an intellectual disability but hands down to the both of them though.

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4. Outstanding Story Line

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You shouldn’t miss this film because this is actually happening at the present, the fact that they talk about the other side of bullying.

I can’t tell you how annoy I was while watching this movie. It made me so irritated to the point where my blood is scorching knowing that issues of bullying and sexual abuse persistent to plague high schools all over the world.

5. Life Realization

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Of course when you watch a film there should be a life lesson, sometimes you won’t realized quickly the terrible things you did until someone slaps and pinchs you so you would know what you did was wrong.

Therefore, it’s too late to start again from the beginning expecially when you already destroyed the purest soul of someone else.

If you haven’t watch it, don’t think twice i swear you won’t regret it bes, You can watch it anywhere.

Watch the trailer here:

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