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Yoon Doojoon, cast for the upcoming season of ‘4-Wheeled Restaurant’

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon will resume his activities after finishing his military enlistment.

Around Us Entertainment confirms that he will be a part of tvN’s 4 Wheeled Restaurant.

Yoon Doojoon entered the military in August 2018 and has served in the military at the 12th Infantry Division in Inje County, Gangwon Province.

After recently taking a late-year vacation, he did not return to the unit and was discharged from the military on April 10. It is in accordance with the Defense Ministry’s guidelines to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Yoon Doojoon has been showing off his charm through House Cook Master Baek 3 and Living Together in Empty Room.

Aside from variety shows, he also starred in dramas like the 3 seasons of Let’s Eat. Since there are mukbang like parts in the drama, the viewers can’t help but call or order for snacks.

In his return to variety shows, 4-Wheeled Restaurant, people are expecting to see his cooking and eating show skills. Unlike the previous seasons of 4Wheeled Restaurant, the filming takes place in South Korea.

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The show is set to air within the first half of the year.

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