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X1’s Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon to release a mini-album this March

After promoting their digital single Toward Tomorrow, X1’s Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon announced that they are releasing their mini-album on March 26.

Before joining Produce X 101, Hangyul debuted as a member of the group, IM in 2017. He also joined the idol reboot program ‘The Unit’.

Hangyul ranked 7th in the finale and debuted with X1.

Nam Dohyon is X1’s maknae, debuting at the age of 15 with the other members. Like Hangyul, he also joined another program, ‘Under Nineteen‘ as a contestant.

Hangyul and Dohyon continue to show their talents and abilities as they promote “Toward Tomorrow”.

Watch them as they perform their first digital single ‘Toward Tomorrow’.

Can’t wait for their mini-album bes! Let’s continue supporting them.

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