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11 Interesting Facts About The Recent Produce X 101

Another season of MNET’s popular idol audition program franchise has come to an end. This season, titled as Produce X 101 successfully gained a huge amount of attention from local and international fans these past few months.

Three months after the program started last May 3, 2019, the South Korean public dubbed as the “National Producers” was able to pick their debut lineup that is now officially named as “X1” (엑소원).

The official lineup

The whole show duration was an enjoyable journey for the trainees and fans alike. The program might have wrapped up already but we can’t still get enough of the show. So to hype up your post-program feels; here are 11 interesting facts about the Produce X 101 show that is worth pointing out.

1. The age difference between the eldest member (Han Seongwoo) and youngest member (Nam Dohyun) is 10 years. Seongwoo was born in 1994 while Dohyun was born in 2004.

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2. Besides Nam Dohyun who was on the Seventeen team, all of the debut lineup members either did an NCT or an EXO song during the Group X battle round.

3. Four (4) of the debut lineup members already have some debut experience under their belt. These includes Han Seongwoo, Cho Seungyeon, Kim Wooseok and Lee Hangyul.

4. By the time of the show finale, Kim Yohan now have approximately 6 months of training experience while Nam Dohyun now have 8 months.

5. Unlike what was expected based from the results of the previous seasons, both of the center positions (Hwang Yunseong and Song Yuvin) during the debut evaluation performance were not included on the official debut lineup.

To My World center Hwang Yunseong
소년미 center Song Yuvin

6. Based on their groups during the position evaluation round; the official debut lineup now consists of 6 Vocals (Seongwoo, Yohan, Wooseok, Eunsang, Junho & Minhee), 2 Rappers (Seungyeon & Dohyun) and 3 Dancers (Hyeongjun, Dongpyo & Hangyul). Now, this group is what we call a very well balanced lineup.

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7. For the whole Produce X 101 season, Kim Yohan never became the center position in any of the performances.

 8. All the members of NCT “BOSS” team during the Group X Battle round was included in the final debut lineup except for Lee Jinhyuk.

9. Half of the debut line up are still considered as underage in korean legal age standard. This 2002 line includes Song Hyeongjun, Lee Eunsang, Kang Minhee, Son Dongpyo and Cha Junho while Nam Dohyun, the official group maknae belongs to the 2004 line.

10. Lee Hangyul and Kang Minhee never entered the debut lineup during all the round evaluations until the final debut evaluations.

Rank 8 Lee Hangyul
Rank 10 Kang Minhee

11. Despite being consistently ranked within the debut lineup since the first evaluation, Hyeongjun actually never received any benefit points from the round missions. So we can say that he was part of the debut lineup since day one based on pure actual votes.

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