If you are an ARMY, especially if your bias is Kim Seokjin, then you should not miss this cafe dedicated to BTS more specifically to Seokjin.

It opened late 2019 by an anonymous owner who probably is a big BTS fan. I think it is a best way to show off your collection and earn at the same time. What a cool concept right?

The cafe serves different types of coffee and cakes. If you are lucky, the owner will give you a gift, a BT21 towel based on who is your bias. When I went there they are giving free souvenirs to celebrate their opening! Sana meron pa when you plan to visit bes!

Around the place are BTS related photos and stuff every ARMY wish to have. Of course, they play BTS songs and video. It is nice to watch BTS concert videos while drinking your coffee. So much Euphoria.

How about the taste? Is it worth the money? Hell yeah! It is one of the best coffee I’ve tasted while in South Korea. Truly a must visit whether you are a fan or not.

Cafe I’m Fine
Here is the address: 서울 서초구 잠원동 31-9
Also as an opening gift, you tell them your bias and you get a cute bt21 towel for free!!!
🚇 Sinsa Station, Exit 3

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Note: They have no bathroom so better go to the restroom before you visit the place.

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