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Watch: Dasuri Choi collabs with Shindong for a dance cover of Super Junior’s new song 2Ya2YaO!

On her recent vlog episode, Dasuri Choi showed her last day during her visit to Korea. After some last minute shopping, she went to Super Junior Shindong’s office for his video art production company known as ‘Walala Crew‘ to hangout and learn the dance for Super Junior’s latest. comeback song 2YaYaO.

Super Junior recently released a repackaged version of their 9th album titled ‘Timeless‘. The title track ‘2Ya2YaO‘ is a hiphop song written and produced by Zico.

Several Youtube dance cover groups already took up the challenge and Dasuri, a well-known Kpop dance choreographer here in the Philippines wouldn’t dare miss her chance to cover it with her good friend, which none other than Shindong.

Watch their performance video below :

You can also subscribe to Shindong’s youtube channel here.

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