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LOOK: Super Junior is back with another bop!

Fifteen years (and counting) in the industry but Super Junior doesn’t stop from reinventing themselves and taking new challenges.

On January 28, the ‘Kings of Hallyu’ is back with another new music never heard before from them. The group have been challenging genre after genre of music since their debut in 2005. Their discography had been diverse, from Pop, Latin Pop, Mando Pop, EDM, Ballad, Funk, Rock, RNB, Reggaeton, Trap and even Korean Trot.

This time, as the title track of their 9th album repackage titled “Timeless” Super Junior brings us ‘2YAYAO‘ (pronounced as Ee-Ya-Ee-Ya-Oh) a hip hop track composed and produced by genius producer Zico.

Their album “Timeless” was part of their 9th album ‘Time’ trilogy: Time Slip, Timeline, Timeless. This trilogy revolved around the ‘Newtro‘ concept which is a modern take on the retro concept and reinventing it to adapt to the present trends.

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Watch the newly released MV below and see how Super Junior’s talent remains Timeless:

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