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Ji Chang Wook Supports Joo Ji Hoon in the Filming of His New Drama

On January 16, KeyEast, Joo Ji Hoon’s agency posted on its official Instagram account. It shows a photo of the coffee truck sent by Ji Chang Wook. This is to show support for the actor’s new drama, Hyena.

Known to have been friends since starring together in the 2012 drama, Five Fingers, Ji Chang Wook cheered on Ji Hoon with the words “I’m cheering on actor Joo Ji Hoon and the Hyena Team! And to all the cast and crew of Hyena, keep it up!”

(Grabbed from KeyEast’s Official IG Account: @keyeastofficial)

In a playful response, Joo Ji Hoon thanked his celebrity friend by taking a photo of himself imitating his own photo in the banner that came with the truck.

(Grabbed from KeyEast’s Official IG Account: @keyeastofficial)

This #JiJoo bromance is quite cute, isn’t it? Perhaps in the future, they can star in another drama again. Their tandem will surely lit up our screens.

Meanwhile, Joo Ji Hoon’s new SBS Drama, Hyena, is scheduled to premiere on February 21. While Ji Chang Wook is confirmed to star in the film entitled “Punishment” and is reportedly in talks to star opposite Kim Yoo Jung in the drama adaptation of the popular webtoon “Convenience Store Saet Byul (literal title)”.

Check more photos in KeyEast’s IG Account: @keyeastofficial

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