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BTS Takes Home 4 Daesang Awards from MMA 2019!

Yes, you heard it right, BTS also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, took home not only the 4 Daesang Awards but also 4 additional awards from MMA 2019 or Melon Music Awards that was held last November 30, 2019. BTS is a 7 member of the South Korean Boy group under BigHit Entertainment, which is composed of Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook.

Here are the awards that they have won this year :

Artist of The Year [Daesang]
Album of The Year [Daesang]
Song of The Year [Daesang]
Record of The Year [Daesang]
Top 10 Artist
Best Dance [Male]
Netizen Choice
Kakao Hot Star

Aside from the awards that they won from MMA 2019 another thing to take note of is their performance from that night. I love the way they look back from their early years and how they grew to the person they are now.

Before their grand performance a VCR was playing showing BTS sleeping with RM, being the only one who was awake and playing with a lighter. Then RM performed his intro “Persona” from their Map of the Soul : Persona Album. It was followed by their performance of their old song Boy In Luv that had the same settings as their MV of the song. They were wearing school uniforms that now look like office suits.

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For ARMYs watching seeing them performing that song felt so nostalgic because you will really see how much they have matured and remember the journey that they went through to reach to where they are right now.

After Boy In Luv, it lead them to their performance of the counterpart of that song which is Boy with Luv. After both performing songs, everything went black and a screen showing English words in white played as RM say those words out loud.

In the beginning, I did not shine so bright. I only knew to do my best to shine. But we found each other and our universe was born. Now let us shine on each other. We’re no longer small. Just as the universe expands our universe will last forever.

And then “Mikrokosmos” started playing. This was such an amazing sight to see because they made the whole place looked like galaxy. One part of the show showed I Love You in different languages and then planets were shown along with the stars.

After their Mikrokosmos performance, the VCR played once again and this time Jungkook was the one who was awake. He started speaking as he walks towards a pile of televisions that were playing their old MVs. As he says the line below, one by one the members became awake and no longer in the shadow.

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I’m still looking for who I used to be, who I am now. Who I will be in the future.”

And then the stage came to life with a man blowing on a large horn. The ones that are usually blown on battlefields on ancient times signaling either for armies to form or to get ready to fight. As a group of men started marching forward a lightbulb showed and V danced with “No More Dreams” in the background.

Followed by an orchestra version of “Danger” with Jin dancing on top of a big head of a horse. This reminds me a bit of the famous Trojan Horse. Anothe light bulb was shown with Jin’s performance.

Then everything became soft and angelic as JImin perform an interpretative solo dance of “I Need You.” Once again another lightbulb showed. As soft as it was, everything suddenly became hot as fire “FIRE”, as a Rock version was played for Yoongi with another light bulb showing up.

The stage was bursting with orange, yellow and red representing fire on the LED screens. But then it was diffused by falling water that led to another light bulb followed by Jungkook Dancing on water. Yes there was a water placed for him to dance with as “Save Me” played in the background. His gracefulness showed with the slow almost instrumental style of the song.

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Another light bulb showed and a remix of “Fake Love” showed JHope’s amazing popping dance move along with flashing lights that for me looks light lightning. Dionysus signature intro started playing and out came RM walking towards the famous Staff and held it and then slam it on the stage the signal the start of the famous Dionysus song.

Girls with flower petals on a basket started the show by throwing some flowers and the gates opened and several men march out. Followed by horses, yes you heard me right, Live horses came out as if they were leading a cavalry. The famous long table with all the members of BTS are sitting followed and the performance for Dionysus started.

And yes it won’t be a BTS performance if there is no dance break. They mixed the intro for “N.O.” as the dance break music and ended the performance with the seven members seated on to the chairs that were placed on top of the table.

It was a night to remember for both BTS and ARMYs as BTS created a new record for themselves.

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