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Emma Stone talks about being an avid fan of BTS in Showterview with Jessi

The popularity of the South Korean group, BTS is really unquestionable!

In a Showterview episode released on May 27, Jessi got the chance to have a short interview with the Hollywood star, Emma Stone.

The actress greeted the viewers by saying “Annyeong haseyo,” a Korean word for Hi.

Jessi started the interview saying:

“So, I heard that you visited Korea before.”

Emma responded:

“Yes, we came there for Spiderman, just once to Seoul, but I had a good time there.”

When Jessi asked Emma if she likes K-pop and who does she like, she straightforwardly answered:

“Yes, I love K-pop. You know… very obvious that I’m obsessed with BTS.”

Emma added:

“It’s pretty obvious thing to say but I got to do an SNL with BTS. That’s the only K-pop band that I’ve seen live so when I got to see them, it was mindblowing.”

On the other hand, the interview is more focused on Emma Stone’s currently released film, “Cruella”.

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Moreover, it was in 2019 when Emma Stone met BTS in an American Television Show, Saturday Night Live (SNL) wherein Emma is the host and BTS appeared as a musical guest.

As an ARMY myself, I am genuinely happy that this fandom is really growing and the purple ocean is getting bigger and bigger worldwide.

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