BaNa’s and K-drama fans are surely looking forward to Gongchan’s upcoming web drama “Dear My Name.”

It is set to be released this coming November 6.

As the maknae of the group B1A4, Gongchan has made a name by being the MC on shows like MBC Show! Music Core but it is only back in 2015 with a KDrama entitled Delicious Love where he made his debut as a clumsy chef named Park Sung Jun. This year he was also part of the web series Travel Through Romance Season 1.5 and is set to star in a movie “Youngsoo.”

Fans will surely be enamored by the drama set in a universe dubbed as ‘Nameverse’ where your soulmate’s name appears written on a part of your body. Gongchan is set to take the lead as a photography major that has little belief on love and destiny.

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