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WATCH: BTS’s Jimin has a video present to all ARMYs for their 6th anniversary

Today is June 13; which means, it’s BTS 6th anniversary! This day is surely memorable to BTS and to us—their fans around the world.

Have you already written your anniversary letter for them? Or have you thought of a present to give them? Whether you have a physical gift or none; surely, BTS is so happy with all the support and love they are receiving from you, from us.

In fact, BTS’s Jimin himself has a personal video present to all ARMYs! As you watch this video, you will seriously feel so loved and touched by his sweetness. You can watch it below or click here.

The posted video features clips of BTS members and the ARMYs on the crowd. Jimin has also included a line at the end saying; “Thank you and I’ll never forget it; ARMY x BTS.”

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In addition, he wrote in the caption section; “Thank you for celebrating BTS’s anniversary. I also prepared a small present.”

The content of the video is so amusing to watch; who would have even expect such thoughtful gift from their idols? This kind of act is so heartwarming.

Moreover, you might want to watch another video posted by BTS_twt. The background song for this is Fix You by Coldplay.

Again, happy 6th anniversary to BTS and ARMYs! It has been so long since BTS debut, right? It cannot be denied that within those years, BTS have already showered us with love and joy; and have shown us how talented and kindhearted are they. We wish them all the best in this world as they surely deserve it.

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