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Lauv x BTS Tells us that we can always MAKE IT RIGHT

Last, October 18, 2019 at 6PM KST. The collaboration song by Lauv and BTS was released. It was a new version of BTS song Make it Right. Lauv made his own lyrics which was incorporated in the song. And for BTS the song was for ARMYs, they thanked ARMYs for everything that they have now and how ARMYs helped them as well.

The song made me so emotional and a bit vulnerable as I realize so many things. For us who are fangirls and fanboys we are so lucky that we have our sweet escape. Our own world apart from reality. In a world of social apps and easy access to technology a lot of people can easily get lost. Some even drowns. We are lucky we always have the life jacket of fangirling that manages to keep us afloat from all of these. You see, when fangirls and fanboys talk about fangirling or fanboying we share our feels or what we feel. May it be about the last drama we watch, about the KPop Idol or Kdrama actor we like or about what is happening to our lives. We share and there is someone there who listens. Some gives advice and comfort. Some even cry with us. There is always someone there.

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I look back at my life and saw how different my life could have been if I suppress my fangirling. I realize that a part of me would have been missing. At first I may disregard it and just continue with my life but then it would become a hole, an empty spot inside me. Little by little that hole can grow big without me noticing, And little by little I will start losing things. Not necessarily material stuffs but more on me personally. The hole would then become a blackhole sucking up all the positivity inside me, leaving me with fears, uncertainties and unhappiness. No one is there to listen, no one’s there to help me understand and I won’t have that alternate universe to make me see hope. Fangirling did that to me. It was my stepping stone to finding myself, what makes me happy.

It does not have to be fangirling or fanboying. It can be anything else. You just need to find what makes you happy, what excites you, what fills up that endless void. If you come to a point where you don’t know anymore don’t be afraid to reach out. Not everyone will understand but there will always be one, even just one person who will. 😊


If you made a mistake today, please know that today is different from yesterday as it would also be different tomorrow. Every morning you wake up is a chance given to us. An opportunity to make a change, to reach out and to be better than who we are yesterday. We might not be able to make everyone like or understand us and it’s ok. It’s not our job to please them, instead find those people who would accept us with open arms. Who would help mould us to be a better version of ourselves that we never knew existed. And then be a person who could help another person. Be the change our world needed.

Here’s the video of Make it Right.

Please know that whatever you are going through, you can get through it and that YOU are NOT ALONE.


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