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K-Movie Review: Divine Fury

“Even though what we ask for is not something easy to wish for, what ever the situation we are in, even in the most difficult tines. As long as we keep on praying and have faith, one day, God will hear our sincere prayers.” – Divine Fury.


There will be some spoilers in this review.

Park Yong Hoo is the child of a policeman who died due to an accident because of a driver, who was under an influence of an unknown being, decided to step on the gas dragging Yong hoo’s father along. Unfortunately, Yong hoo’s father was not able to hold on and ended up being ran over by the said car. Believing his father’s words about how strong prayers can be, young Yong Hoo decided to pray for his father’s condition where he was joined by a priest who sat and prayed with him, along with a promise that every thing will be okay. But unfortunately, his prayer did not come true. At the funeral of his father, the priest who prayed with him came to pay respect. But seeing him made Yong hoo’s pain turn into anger. Yong hoo ended up throwing the cross that was infront of his father’s picture towards the priest that made the priest bleed. The young boy who was filled with hope and faith died the same day he lost his father.

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After 20 years a lot has change for Yong hoo, he became a well known martial arts champion. In one of his matches, Yong hoo encountered an opponent with a Christ on the cross tattoo. All of a sudden, voices started whispering in his ear and ended up possessing him. After the match he dreamt of his father. In his dream his father was walking and he followed him. He was lead to a portrait of his father with a Christ on the Cross. He picked up the Christ on the cross and was about to throw it but it got stuck in his hand . When he woke up from his dream he found a hole in his hand that he can’t quite figure out how he got it. As he search for answers regarding his wound and no doctors can say anything about it; his search for answers lead him to a famous Priest who’s specialty is exorcism. Find out more about his journey into finding a way to cure the wound is hand.

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I will not tell the whole story, just the very long introduction. 😊 I want to keep some of the story for you to experience. I want you to join Yong hoo as try to find what he have lost for a long time.

Yong Hoo, which was played by Park Seo Joon, did a really good job with his role. The pain and anger can be felt and seen through his facial expressions so well. He was so good in showing the conflict between believing or not that you would symphatize with him. Overall he really did a good job with his role.

For ever great hero there is a very bad villian. And Woo Do-hwan as Ji-shin did has part so well that you would really hate him. The way he gives his evil smile will make you both scared and in love with him. The chemistry of both actors is what made the film amazing. With a dash of calmness and knowledge that Ahn Sung-ki who played Father Ahn’s role. A great movie must have a well transitioned sequence with a touch of excitement, action, anger and moral story. By the end of the movie you might even question yourself, “What are you willing to sacrifice just to get what you want? And at the end, are your sacrifices worth it?”

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It kinda reminds me of Constantine but with a twist. 😉

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