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#AOExclusives: Meet The Korean Aspiring Artist Who Does OPM Covers on YouTube

It’s very common for Filipino fans to make a cover of their favorite K-Pop song or K-Drama OSTs. What if a Korean covers an OPM song? That would be interesting!

Meet Juhwan Kim, a Korean aspiring singer who was born in Busan, South Korea and moved to Canada when he was 8 years old.

“My vision is to spread positivity with my music/words and inspire the younger generation by being a role model – starting in the Philippines. I play the guitar as my main instrument and play the piano, drums, clarinet, flute. I can sing and rap too. I also make my own beats and write/produce my own music.” Juhwan told Annyeong Oppa.

Who are your musical influences?

“I’d say it’s my dad and my best friends. I also consider Sohyang and Calum Graham as my musical influences.”

We saw that you’re currently promoting your music here in the Philippines. What made you decide to promote here?

“My initial goal was to be an artist in China because my Chinese friends told me that my music style would be really effective there, so I started learning Chinese and practiced Chinese songs. But unfortunately, it didn’t work, so i started joining some K-Pop-related groups by sharing my music and posting some of my content. It’s an international group and alot of Filipinos are commenting on my posts and they started to support me. I saw lots of younger generation in the Philippines. So I thought of giving it a try.”

Do you have any plans on promoting in South Korea as well?

“Last summer, I went to Korea. I tried out for 3 entertainments, including JYP. Although I was new to everything that was going on there, including the audition and stuff, they said that they liked my uniqueness. They were interested in me and called me back. But it was also ‘Chuseok’ at that time and I wish to celebrate it with my grandparents so I went to Busan instead. I realized that I didn’t match their vibes and I don’t dance as well so I thought it’d be a waste of time, so I decided to pursue music on my own.”

Do you know any Filipino artist/band/groups that you want to collaborate with if given a chance?

“I like Moira. I also want to collaborate with fellow Korean artist Jinho Bae who’s very popular in the Philippines.”

Any message to your Filipino fans/followers?

“Thank you for supporting this imperfect little guy who really wants to be big. I will not forget all of the warm support and the true supporters. You give me the motivation to try my best everyday. I will achieve my dream to support your dreams, and I will be happy to be an inspiration to all of you. I will become a better artist. Salamat! Mahal ko kayo <3”

Watch his OPM covers here:

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Ikaw At Ako by Moira and Jason

Nobela by Join The Club

If you want to get to know more about Juhwan Kim, you can follow/like his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

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