Get to Know Philippines’ Very Own Idol Group ‘SB19’

Have you ever heard about the group SB19? If you haven’t, this is your chance to get to know them even more.

SB19 is a local boy group here in the Philippines. They were trained under a Korean entertainment company named ShowBT. The group is composed of five members namely Justin, Josh, Sejun, Ken and Stell.

They had various event guestings kpop related events to showcase their talent; dancing and singing songs of Korean groups, composing their own song entitled Go Up and their official M/V already reached 1 Million views on YouTube.

Let’s get started to know each members!

Justin De Dios (Justin)

Josh Cullen Santos (Josh)

Ken Suson (Ken)

John Paulo Nase (Sejun)

Stell Ajero (Stell)

Awed from their dancing skills, vocals and producing songs, they are worth to be supported.

It’s time to stan our local talents, bes! They deserve to be known and we can proudly say that they are talented Filipinos.

What most amazing is that they were together with the BTS during their trainee days.

Now, who is your bias and bias wrecker in SB19? Comment it down below and let your fangirl/fanboy feels be heard.

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