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WATCH: tvN Releases Preview for Arthdal Chronicles Part 3

Are you a fan of tvN’s drama Arthdal Chronicles? If yes, you might want to check out the preview for the part three that will air this coming September 7!

Moreover, Arthdal Chronicles is a story set in the ancient times; wherein, people starts to learn fire and discover things which leads them to aim for power and control other tribes.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki is playing two roles as Sa Ya and Eun Som, a twin who lives separately. While, Kim Ji Won is playing as Tan Ya, who is Eun Som’s childhood friend and the leader of Wahan tribe.

Furthermore, the preview shows Tan Ya as the new leader of Asa clan. While, Eun Som is seen fighting against Ta Gon men along with his fellow peasants.

Are you feeling excited on the part three, bes? Share your feels with us on the comment section.

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