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LOOK: Twice’s Nayeon as Nylon Fashion Magazine’s cover for August issue + Talks about her self-confidence and daily life

Twice’s Nayeon is now flexing her beauty as the Nylon Fashion Magazine’s cover girl in August issue! 

During the interview, Nayeon talked about her daily life, saying; “It’s different for every schedule, but I think I’m a morning person. I tend to wake up before 10AM. I generally wake up early.”

When asked about her time as a trainee and being a TWICE member, Nayeon replied; “I thought that it was neither long nor short, but when I think about it, that was the entirety of my school years. I spent my teen years like this; so, each and every memory is clear.”

Her first solo picture since her debut was praised by the field crews for her natural and fashionable hits with her own mood; she responded, “To be honest, there are so many people who are prettier than me, but I like myself. Before, my insecurities would weigh on my mind all the time, but now, I think I’ve learned that even those things are me. I’m the only one to have this, after all.”

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Nayeon’s other picture cuts and interviews can be found in the August issue of Nylon.

Photo from Naver and Nylon

Source: Naver

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