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“Iponing” challenge and tips for “Back to School” students!

School year 2019-2020 is fast approaching! Whether you’re feeling excited, neutral, or nervous about it; we have something like a good news to share to all of you! Even if your school’s calendar is set on June, July, or August; we are hoping that you all will try this out.

If you’re currently thinking of going to a concert or fan meeting of your idol but still lacks in budget; worry no more, mga bes! Presenting, Iponing Challenge and Tips for Back to School Students. Wherein, Team Annyeong Oppa will try to help you all on how to save up money in a smart way and/or manner!

Are you all ready to read the following tips for all of you? Get your notebook and pen so you will be able to take note of all the learnings below! Moreover, our team is looking forward for you to accept this challenge.

The Challenge

As for me who is also a student like many of you here; I always get confused too on how much money do I need to save up everyday for my South Korean idol’s event. So, below are the different options which you can pick and make use of!


With the photos presented below, we can see the weekly plan having six days on it. Some of us have classes on Saturdays so we’ve included it on the picture. What you need to do is to put an x or sign on the given box for about 5 times a week. Afterwards, you only need to continue doing it for 9 months.
  • The VIP

If your target is to avail a VIP pass; we are encouraging you to save up 65 pesos a day. Wherein, in a week (5 days), you will be having 325 pesos. Then in a month, you’ll get 1,300 pesos. Finally, in 9 months (we’ve tried to eliminate the other 1 month as we have semestral breaks or more), you’ll be taking away 11,700 pesos!

  • The Lower Box

For Lower Box ticket, you may try saving up 40 pesos a day. After a week, you’ll get 200 pesos. Then in a month, you’ll have 800 pesos. Finally, in 9 months, you’ll achieve 7,200 pesos!

  • The Upper Box A

Do you want to avail an Upper Box pass? Then, you should try saving up an amount of 30 per day. After a week, you’ll be taking away 150 pesos. In a month, you’ll get 600 pesos. Finally, in 9 months, you’ll obtain 5,400 pesos!

  • The Upper Box B
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If you happen to like getting an Upper Box B ticket; what you need to do is to save up 20 pesos a day. In a week, you’ll earn 100 pesos. After a month, you’ll have 400 pesos. Finally, in 9 months, you’ll get 3,600 pesos!

Take note, the prices indicated from above might happen to be lesser or larger than the official ticketing price in your Hallyu idol’s concert and/or fan meeting. It was only based on the average ticket price from the past concerts and fan meetings in the Philippines. Moreover, you might still need to save up for a pocket money on the concert or fan meet day.

Tips: Dos

  • Wait patiently.
  • You might want to try not spending too much money on your wants.
  • Take account of other factors or daily expenses. So, you wouldn’t end up having nothing saved up for important matters.
  • If you really want that concert and/or fan meet ticket, you should start thinking of not using up your money on several merchandise. If you can afford it, go and spend a little for it; but as much as you can, focus on your goal (concert/fan meet).
  • Be sure of what you want and need. It is always okay if you can only get an Upper Box ticket, mga bes! What’s important is the fact that you will be able to see them live on stage.
  • Find time for yourself like making sure you are able to relax. Wait for them and enjoy the process!
  • Work hard, believe in Him, and trust yourself that you can obtain your goal.
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Tips: Don’ts

  • Do not starve yourself to death. Okay, you need to save up for your idol but your health is so important.
  • Do not check the total amount of your earnings every single time. So, you can avoid using it up before you can even have the expected total amount. Yet, you can check it from month to month so you’re aware of your total savings update.
  • Do not sacrifice your needs.
  • Do not push yourself too hard like borrowing money from your friends. Earn for it.
  • While waiting for you to earn the expected amount of money; do not worry about anything.
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Furthermore, we are really hoping and praying that every fangirl or fanboy out there will be able to see their idols on stage. The process of saving up your money may take too long but having to finally witness them slaying live will all be worth it. Waiting and working hard are so important here, mga bes! There’s nothing like instant. It all takes time and effort.

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With that, do you think that you can accept the iponing challenge presented here? We are hoping so, mga bes!

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