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WATCH: Korean busker sings to Aegis’ “Sayang na Sayang” in his street performance in South Korea + Covers Yeng Constantino’s “Ikaw”

Aegis is a popular rock band in the Philippines. Many Filipinos love their songs so much since then up until now. Normally, their songs can be heard in several singing contests because of its high notes. Wherein, others cannot hit it the way Aegis do; which many agree to.

Guess what! This Korean busker has sang Aegis’ Sayang na Sayang that well. Can you believe it? A Korean singing a Filipino song?

Below is the video posted by Daily Busking. In which, it filmed the I Can See Your Voice legend singer Minje Kwon singing to Sayang na Sayang. As stated, it was a song requested by a Filipino in his street performance in Yeouido, South Korea.

On the comment section, he left a message saying; “Thank you for uploading the video!!” Adding a smiley emoticon and ended it with, “First time sing for this song is awkward but I hope you enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, you can check out his YouTube channel here. Recently, he has posted a cover of Yeng Constantino’s Ikaw. He said in the comment section, “I saw the message of many Filipinos cheering for me. It really is a great power to me. Thank you very much,” adding a smiley emoticon.

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Subsequently, you can watch the video below.

Moreover, did you enjoy watching him and listening to his voice? Isn’t he so amazing and great to listen to? Feel free to share your feels with us, mga bes! Lastly, we would like to thank Minje Kwon for singing Filipino songs and Daily Busking for sharing it to everyone. Thanks as well for giving us permission to feature you and your covers!

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