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LOOK: Angel’s Last Mission: Love Receives Acknowledgement by Korea Ballet Association

Korean drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love received acknowledgement from Korea Ballet Association! Yes, you’ve read it right, bes.

On June 28, Korea Ballet Association President Park Jae Hong honored a plaque of appreciation to Angel’s Last Mission: Love. The President expressed his gratitude for raising the awareness of ballet through dramas.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love tells the story of a balerina Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) and angel Dan (Infinite’s L). Dan portrayed as Lee Yeon Seo’s cupid but eventually the two started to fall in love. The drama also focuses on playing bllet like Swan Lake and Giselle. Showing that ballet is not just an ordinary dance but also an art.

Meanwhile, Angel’s Last Mission: Love now on it’s 24th episodes. On what episode are you, bes? Share it on the comment section!

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