LOOK: Photo Taken by CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Gets Recognized by INSP!

In this generation of filters, presets, snapchat and instagram, some idols really take their love for photography to serve a higher cause. Such is the case for Lee Jung Shin, actor and bassist of CNBLue, whose photo has been chosen as one of the Top 5 Finalists (under The Best Photography Category) in the 2019 INSP Awards. This global awards ceremony hosted by the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) aims to recognize the outstanding achievements of independent street paper journalists and their papers’ contribution to promote social justice.

Shot in Myanmar during the LOVE FNC volunteer work last February 2018, the now renowned photo features what seems to be an ordinary day in the life of two kids (and a woman, who can be presumed as their mother) with paint on their faces, all smiles, having a chitchat and unmindful of the world around them.  A picture that illustrates pure innocence and happiness.  The  said photo was submitted to The Big Issue Korea which paved the way for INSP to notice it.

(Credits to Lee Jung Shin and The Big Issue Korea)

Lee Jung Shin and his brother also held a public photo exhibit in Canon Gallery, Gangnam last year. Entitled the Dandelion Flower Seed, more photos from the FNC’s volunteering activity were highlighted. Proceeds of the said charity work were donated as scholarship funds aimed to help the kids of Myanmar in their education.

(Credits to FNC Entertainment)

Lee Jung Shin who is currently actively serving in the military proves that he does not only have the heart for singing and acting but in helping out too.

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While waiting for his military journey to end,  you may watch him in Cinderella and The Four Knights. To know more about this drama, read the review here.

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