K-Beauty Recommendation: ‘Seoul White Korea’ The White That’s Worth The Wait!

All the way from the land of kimchi and oppa comes “Seoul White Korea” which offers affordable and effective korean beauty products for Filipinos.

Seoul White Korea products are made from South Korea which is the top trusted countries that make reliable, effective, and world class beauty products. Koreans are known for being particular when it comes to taking care of their skin. Without a doubt, most Filipinos would exert effort to attain a clear, white glow.

They have a variety of skin care from soaps to creams which can help us, Filipinos, achieve that Korean White Glow. Among all their amazing products are the bestsellers, Double White Soap and White Tone Up Cream.

Want to try Seoul White Korea? To help you, here are some trivia that might help you decide to try their products:


Made from Arbutin Bearberry in combination with White Strawberry and Donkey Milk which is good for nourishing and extra skin moisturizing.

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Affordable Price

Seoul White Korea offers affordable yet effective products to meet the customers expectation.

For updates and further details, follow Seoul White Korea on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check their official website.

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2 thoughts on “K-Beauty Recommendation: ‘Seoul White Korea’ The White That’s Worth The Wait!

  1. Does this product line have permanent whitening night cream? as I’m seeing a Facebook page is selling that

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