Kang Daniel to debut on his established one-man agency, KONNECT Entertainment!

Last June 9, 2019, Kang Daniel announced on his personal Instagram account that he will be holding an Instagram live.

The caption translates to:

“Everyone, I will meet you at 11pm tonight at Insta Live. We will meet tonight!”

This sparked interests to the former Wanna One member, as he received 165,000 viewers during his live.

Daniel told his fans via Insta Live that he was nervous meeting his fans after a long time. He also told them that he is currently working on his new music for his upcoming solo. He thanked them for continuing on supporting him.

The former Wanna One member recently won a legal battle with his former agency, LM Entertainment. He applied to terminate his contract as he found out that some of his contract rights were sold to a third party company.

From the experience, Daniel has set up an office within southern Seoul and established his own agency, KONNECT Entertainment. He named the company as he derived “Korea” and “Connect” since he aims to konnect himself with the world through his activities.

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Aside from being known as Wanna One’s center, variety star, singer, and dancer, he is now a CEO! With this news, fans were able to trend ‘CEO Kang’ in Twitter expressing their excitement for Daniel’s future in the music scene.

Check his look with CEO Kang vibes mga bes jusq kakilig:

You may watch his IG and catch his beautiful face here:

Thanks to our Annyeong Oppa bes, Mjane for saving this!

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