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SB19 is gearing up for a stronger May comeback, releases jaw-dropping trailer!

A’TIN! brace yourselves as our beloved Mahalima is gearing up for a stronger May comeback!

The thrilling news was revealed on April 29 through SB19’s official social media accounts. They released a jaw-dropping trailer for their upcoming EP, “Pagtatag”.

The trailer features SB19 members and the people around them persistently growing a sprout that signifies them when they are in the process of establishing their career as SB19. All the hardships and efforts paid off as they become successful, inspiring everyone through their song.

Moreover, It was in 2021 when SB19 dropped their first EP, “Pagsibol” which consists of six meaningful and inspirational songs What?, MAPA, Mana, Bazinga, Ikako, and SLMT.

The new single will be released on May 19 while the EP is slated to release on June 9.

Are you all excited about this? Stay tuned for more updates!

Watch the trailer here:

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