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READ: Things And Keywords We Learned From TvN’s Arthdal Chronicles

TvN’s Arthdal Chronicles is one of the highly anticipated dramas of 2019 and it never disappoints, as it ranks third as they air the first premiered last June 1.

This drama already released three episodes as of June 8. And we can tell that all the artists efforts are well paid off. Garnering the attention of fans not just in Korea but also in asia including Philippines. It airs every saturday and sunday 9pm KST and in Neflix.

Are you watching it bes? If yes, then you can relate and share the things we learned and some key words we get from this drama.

Note: You might read some minimal spoilers. Read at your own risk.


They are the people who lives in Arthdal or the Arth clan. Their power is all over Arthdal since they conquer almost every tribes.


Arth people called them monsters but they are not mga bes. They are also humans just like Sarams the only difference is that they’re quick and they’re eyesight are keen. They can kill people by using their hands. They are very strong mga bes.

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As the story tells, Igutu is half Saram and half Neanthal with a purple blood. Eunsom is Igutu.

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It is Tanya’s tribe where she and Eunsom’s grow up together.


In our words Yeori means a Spy. If you watched the first three episodes bes you already know who the spy is in the story.


Well they call him the God of Arthdal but I cannot conclude yet why they call Eunsom as Aramun Haesulla. Let’s find out as the drama goes on.


Known as the fastest horse in the land of Arthdal. The one who can ride this horse is Aramun Haesulla.


Greed is always the root of all evil bes. Even if you are family related if greed is the only thing in your heart it can always made you into a monster just like how the Arth leader did.

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This inlcudes parental love. In the first episode it shows how Eunsom’s mother did all the sacrifices for her son.

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Friendship love between Tanya (Kim Ji Won) and Eunsom (Song Joong Ki) and later on turns into real love as man and a woman.

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Catch up Arthdal Chronicles in tvN mga bes! And share your thoughts on the comment section.

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